Our Next Ruck Event will be Saturday January 21st. Meet at 7501 Collins Ave in Miami Beach. You must sign up ahead of time to participate.

We are Meeting by the Pull Up Bars.

You must sign up ahead of Time to Participate!

EMBRACE DISCOMFORT TO RECLAIM your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self.

Unlock Next Level Health and Performance.

What do you receive when you come to a Miami Beach Ruck?

  • Pre-Workout Performance Stretch
  • Pace Setting
  • Gait Analysis
  • Post-Workout Performance Stretch
  • Weekly Training and Nutrition Plan so you can come back to the next Ruck even Stronger and Leaner
  • And Much Much More!
  • What you Need to BRING

    All you need to Bring is a Empty Backpack. We will show you how you can use garbage bags to fill the bag up with sand.


    What are the Benefits of Rucking?
    Rucking is Strength and Cardio in one!
    What equipment is required?
    • An empty backpack and/or weight vest.
    • Comfortable shoes to walk on sand with.
    • Make sure to bring water!
    What is the Pace?
    Get from Point A to Point B as Fast as you Can.