The Playmaker Project Values

At the Playmaker Project we believe knowing your Values and Standing by those Values matter.

Here are the 4 Values that we Stand By to always make The Playmaker Project the Best Possible experience for you.

Dominate your Fundamentals

The Fundamentals for an Athlete are Sleep, Nutrition, Training, Focus, Hydration and Breathe. We call these fundamentals because if we prioritize these things and optimize them then EVERYTHING else gets better and easier. Many of our formulated supplements are designed to help you optimize fundamentals because they are important! Are you killing your fundamentals today?

Life is a Competition &
Life is Selection

“In the competition for food or mates or power, some organisms succeed, and some organisms fail. In this struggle for existence some individuals are better equipped than others to meet the tests of survival.” We relentlessly work to provide you the best products and programs to dominate the competition. Let’s Go!

Structure & Consistency
Create Perfection

The greater the challenges the more rigorous our routines need to be. This is a big reason why we created our Best Selling Daily Athlete Candy Pack. Sleep, Strengthen, Recover and Repeat. Doing this day in and day out creates progress and improvement. Progress and improvement eventually lead to greatness.

The Small things are more Important than the Big Things

The small things are more important than the big things because doing the small things correctly day in and day out give us the opportunity to DO BIG THINGS. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, doing that extra rep that you said you were going to do. Attacking the tiny details of our craft. All of this matters. The small things are more important than the big things.